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Roberto Battiston and Samantha Cristoforetti inaugurated Perugia University academic year

Roberto Battiston and Samantha Cristoforetti inaugurated Perugia University academic year

ASI President Roberto Battiston and ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti have recently inaugurated, with Rector Franco Moriconi, the academic year 2017-2018 of the University of Perugia, the 710th since the setting up of Studium Generale.

An inauguration focused on space, sky and young people, with many students who attended the event that this year more than ever aimed at bridging labour world, aerospace research and universities.

Space and sky have always been present in the culture and history of art. However, today we talk about the future. Space is synonym of research, as well as economy. And progress involves physics, chemistry, information technology, biotechnology”, said Battiston. “The challenge is a space where private and public bodies work together, in a shared area”.

Samantha Cristoforetti, protagonist of the ASI Futura mission, told students about her training and education, her experiences and the importance of scientific studies in her life.

Rector Franco Moriconi opened the ceremony by outlining the current situation of Italian Universities in general and Perugia University in particular, highlighting the great effort dedicated to University growth, followed by presentations by Fabio Ceccarelli and Alessandro Biscarini, representatives of the technical-administrative and librarian staff and students, respectively.

During the ceremony, ASI and UNIPG have signed a 5-year collaboration agreement for activities and projects in the fields of Universe Observation and Space Engineering, including the development and launch of a small telecommunication satellite, designed by the university students.

Publication date 04/16/2018
Source ASI
Tag Aerospace , Smart Communities