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Researcher Stella Civelli awarded two international prizes

Researcher Stella Civelli awarded two international prizes

Stella Civelli, student of the Emerging Digital Technologies Doctorate at the TeCIP Institute of Scuola Sant’Anna has recently received two important international prizes for her studies on optoelectronics.

Optoelectronics investigates electronic devices which interact with light and their applications, providing an interface between the electric and the optical domains. It is generally considered as a branch of photonics.

The prizes were assigned to Civelli for her studies on an innovative transmission technique, based on an advanced mathematical instrument, which improves the performance of optical fibre-based communication systems.

The first prize was awarded during the International Conference Photonics and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, where she received the second "Best student Paper Award" for her article entitled "Improved detection strategies for nonlinear frequency-division mutiplexing", the originality and innovativeness of which have been very much appreciated.

The second prize was awarded by the English charitable organization Rank Prize Funds, which deals with excellences in nutrition and optoelectronics. During the symposium "Challenges to Meeting Demand Capacity on Long-Haul Optical Fibre Links" held in Grasmere Cumbria, she received the prize for the "Best contributed paper”.

The introduction of optical fibres has been a real revolution in telecommunications and today almost the total amount of data is transmitted by optical fibres. However, this exponential growth requires an upgrade of communication systems and the studies conducted by Dr Civelli could be useful to meet this requirement.

Publication date 12/03/2018
Source Scuola Sant'Anna
Tag Smart Communities , Technologies for Living Environments