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Radiomics will help in the treatment of lung cancer

Radiomics will help in the treatment of lung cancer

The study on radiomics in the treatment of lung cancer, carried out by the Radiotherapy Unit and the Computer Systems & Bioinformatics Laboratory of Campus Biomedico University of Rome, was awarded at the national Conference of the Italian Association of Radiation Oncology (AIRO).

Radiomics is one of the emerging technologies in the field of personalized therapies and is becoming one of the fields of research of major interest. It consists in the analysis of medical images and the integration of information obtained from radiological imaging with the clinical-biological knowledge of the tissues examined.

Thanks to algorithms and mathematical methods, this discipline helps to increase the information obtained from images, potentially important to achieve a more accurate diagnosis and make a treatment more effective, information that cannot be acquired through simple observation.

The radiomic approach was used to analyze the images of patients with lung cancer and to characterize the disease, detecting the intratumoral and molecular structure of the lesions and their environment. Based on the data collected, the radiomic characteristics would be able to predict the reduction of the tumour during radiochemotherapy in patients with locally advanced lung cancer.

Publication date 12/27/2018
Source UCBM
Tag Health