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Public call for the position of INRIM Scientific Director


The National Institute of Metrological Research (INRIM) has published on its website a public call for the position of Scientific Director, to be selected among qualified scientific experts having specific skills in scientific research activity coordination.

Applicants who satisfy all the requirements specified in the call published in the Institute website can submit applications by 16 July 2015.

Besides the CV, including authorization to personal data processing, applicants must submit a brief presentation highlighting their technical and managerial skills. Both documents must be sent via registered mail and electronic mail to INRIM.

INRIM is a national public institute with headquarters in Turin, set up in 2006 when the National Electrotechnical Institute (IEN) “Galileo Ferraris” and the Metrology Institute "Gustavo Colonnetti" of the National Research Council (IMGC) merged with the main aim of developing primary standards for the basic and derived measurement units of the International System of Measurement Units (SI) as well as ensuring their maintenance.

The Institute also carries out and promotes scientific research activities in the field of metrology, the science that deals with measurement and its applications, in all respects, both theoretical and practical, in all application fields.

Carrying out the functions of IMGC and IEN, the Institute is involved in most of scientific metrology in Italy, by conducting international studies in the field of measurement science, material science and innovative technologies.

Moreover, INRIM carries out activities of scientific and technological research also under programmes organized by the European Union and international organizations, by promoting and coordinating the Italian participation to international organizations, projects and initiatives.

Further information is available on the Institute website.

Publication date 06/18/2015
Source INRIM