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Pisa, first implantation of a titanium vertebra

Pisa, first implantation of a titanium vertebra

The implantation of a 3D-printed titanium vertebra has been successfully carried out for the first time in Tuscany.

The 13-hour operation was performed in Pisa at the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Unit 2 of AOUP directed by Professor Rodolfo Capanna of the Department of Translational Research and New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery of University of Pisa.

The 56-year-old patient had a primary malignant bone tumour of the third lumbar vertebra. During the operation, the L3 vertebra, affected by the tumour, was completely removed and replaced with the new 3D-printed titanium vertebra.

The implant was obtained starting from the CT scan images of the patient’s spine, three-dimensionally reconstructed to optimize the design of the implant.

The new vertebra was designed to obtain the best possible elasticity and resistance, favouring colonization by the patient’s bone tissue thanks to its extreme porosity.

A multidisciplinary team led by Professor Paolo Parchi, Associate Professor at University of Pisa, as well as a large group of doctors and technicians contributed to the success of the operation.

The success is the result of clinical and scientific collaboration between the Department of Oncological and Degenerative Spine Surgery at Rizzoli Institute, directed by Doctor Gasbarrini, and the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Unit 2 of AOUP, directed by Professor Capanna, aimed at the development of research activities on innovative methods and at the joint management of highly complex cases.

Publication date 12/19/2018
Source UNIPI
Tag Health