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PeptFarm set up in Florence: a joint research lab involving university and company

PeptFarm set up in Florence: a joint research lab involving university and company

A collaboration between “PeptLab”, a research unit of the University of Florence that has been involved for years in the development and synthesis of peptides of pharmaceutical interest, and the Research and Development Laboratory of Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici in Vicenza, a global leading company in the manufacturing of active principles for the pharmaceutical industry, gives birth to “PeptFarm”, a joint research lab with premises at the scientific hub in Sesto Fiorentino.

“Joint research labs involving universities and public or private bodies on a specific R&D theme – said Anna Maria Papini, Professor of Organic Chemistry and scientific director of PeptFarm – are one of the operational instruments used by this university to encourage collaboration with companies”.

“Over the last twenty years – she continued – an increasing number of new drugs have been made of peptides: new peptide drugs have been approved in all main therapeutic classes; they are rather complex molecules, consisting of amino acid chains, such as proteins, but they can be synthetized in lab, with special technologies, such as those that we use”.

“The new lab – concluded the researcher – is equipped with advanced equipment for the synthesis, purification and analysis of peptides: we are particularly proud that an internationally known company, such as FIS, has decided to choose us as partners to start a large R&D programme in the synthesis of peptide active principles”.

Publication date 04/28/2017
Source Università di Firenze
Tag Life Sciences