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Ofree: doing some good while playing

Ofree: doing some good while playing

You play online and donate. It sounds like utopia, but it is not.

You play branded video games for free and at the same time you donate for projects developed by non-profit organizations.

This is the idea behind Ofree, where everything is possible thanks to companies that pay to advertise their brands.

The way Ofree works is very simple. Companies invest the equivalent of normal advertising costs to have their own video games uploaded on the platform. The money invested is converted into virtual coins that users can donate to fund social projects. Coins are then converted back into real money before they go to the non-profit organizations.

The idea came from Nicolò Santin of Ca’ Foscari University, and it is as simple as it is brilliant, as summarized in the title of his thesis in Economics and Business Management: Gamification e advergaming: il caso Ofree e la soluzione per far donare le persone senza mettere mano al portafoglio.

The platform that he has developed, although recently launched, has already climbed all the charts in the sector: first place at Milan Startup Weekend, Startuppato 2018 in Turin, and Lean in EU Business Angel Verona, finalist at Startcup Veneto and DigithON.

The platform has been working in beta test stage for a few weeks and after one month it has involved more than 2,600 players from over 20 countries from around the world.

The Ofree team, which is seeking funding from companies interested in the product, is looking for programmers and designers.

In this way, everyone is satisfied: people can have fun and donate without spending money, companies can promote their brands and engage in activities of Corporate Social Responsibility, and non-profit organizations can raise awareness and funds for a social cause without costs.

Publication date 09/26/2018
Source Università Ca' Foscari
Tag Smart Communities