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Ocean pollution, UNICAM researcher awarded a Sky Ocean Rescue scholarship

Ocean pollution, UNICAM researcher awarded a Sky Ocean Rescue scholarship

Martina Capriotti, a young researcher at University of Camerino, is the only Italian winner of one of the scholarship awarded by Sky and National Geographic as part of the Sky Ocean Rescue programme.

The grants, with a total value of 10 million dollars, aims to award projects that introduce technologies designed to reduce ocean pollution, in particular plastic pollution, around the world.

Martina Capriotti was awarded for her project “An Innovative Approach for Testing Microplastic Hazardousness in the Adriatic Sea”.

I’m really satisfied with this success and I am proud to be ambassador of Sky Ocean Rescue for the protection of the planet and oceans”, Capriotti said.

In the Adriatic Sea, unfortunately, we have a large concentration and variety of potentially toxic molecules that enter marine organisms inside which they can trigger metabolic or hormonal processes. Many of these compounds have hydrophobic characteristics and, therefore, can adhere to sea surfaces or even bioaccumulate in living organisms”, she added. “My hypothesis is therefore to find these molecules adhering to the surface of the single plastic fragments with the ability to enter the trophic network using microplastics as vectors. I will assess the possible impact on the endocrine system through in vitro tests. The project involves Dr Paolo Cocci and Dr Luca Bracchetti, from Unicam in San Benedetto del Tronto. I also consider this project as an opportunity to continue my research on marine pollution in the Adriatic Sea”.

Publication date 05/29/2018
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