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New Laser plant inaugurated at CNR in Pisa

New Laser plant inaugurated at CNR in Pisa

A new laboratory has been inaugurated at the National Institute of Optics of CNR – INO-CNR that combines a very high power laser with systems for the study of light-matter interactions, able to produce over 200.000 billion watts, higher than the planet’s instantaneous electric power.

The laser, aimed at the development of biomedical applications, generates pulses of light at extreme intensities and at very high energy densities that are extremely short in duration, less than 30 millionths of a billionth of a second, through a complex spectral and temporal manipulation system.

The INO-CNR infrastructure”, explains Leonida Gizzi, Head of INO in Pisa, “for its combination of laser characteristics and advanced measurement systems, is the only one in Italy where it is possible to obtain particle beams and radiation for biomedical applications produced with laser techniques and under controlled conditions”.

The applications of the new plant will take place in the same laboratory that hosts researchers, experts in biomedicine and radiobiology, diagnostics and radiotherapy, spectroscopy, high power laser and ionizing particles.

With this plant”, underlines Paolo De Natale, Head of INO-CNR, “our institute confirms its vocation for the development of lasers and continues to propose itself as one of the leading realities in Italy in the field of Optics and Photonics and as the driver of research and training in this sector”.

The implementation of the plant was made possible by the fundamental collaboration with the INFN, LNF and LNS sections of Pisa and Milan, the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology and the AOUP Unit of Health Physics, as well as technology companies such as Vcs and Amplitude Technologies.

Publication date 04/11/2018
Source CNR
Tag Technologies for Living Environments