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New actions to reduce gap in research excellence from EU

New actions to reduce gap in research excellence from EU

The European Commission has announced new measures aimed to reduce the scientific and innovation gap across EU countries. The action includes  financing of new bodies aimed to facilitate structural reforms that will enable more synergies between different funding sources.

In particular, the Commission announced it has selected 10 centres of excellence to be funded with €140 million under Horizon 2020 programme. The action will encourage scientific excellence in 9 countries of the European Union which are currently less performing in research and innovation. Each project will receive maximum €15 million from the so-called Teaming instrument run under Horizon 2020, which is designed to facilitate – in eligible countries - institution building, in close cooperation with Europe's leading scientific and innovation powerhouses.

The winning projects come from the following countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Italy, with the University of Padua, is partner of the FunGLASS centre - Centre of Excellence for Functional and Surface Functionalized Glasses coordinated by the Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín.

Publication date 12/19/2016
Source Commissione Europea