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Mobility: increased safety on trains with digital technology

Mobility: increased safety on trains with digital technology

To increase safety on board High-Frequency Trains (Treni ad Alta Frequentazione, TAF) is the aim of Ermetris, a young company based in Gorizia that will upgrade the monitoring and safety systems of TAFs that are used by thousands of commuters every day.

Ermetris has won an order of approximately one million euro by Trenitalia to equip trains with 256 innovative Driver Console Panel, which will permanently control the functioning of trains.

Set up within AREA Science Park in 2011, the Ermetris startup has rapidly grown, winning several orders both in Italy and abroad for digitalization systems in rail transport and this order by Trenitalia will help considerably increase in size. 

Our Driver Console Panels that will be on board High-Frequency Trains are more than an on-board computer. This 10.4-inch panels – said founder Claudio Borrello – manage all train information: The status of the braking system, the effectiveness of air conditioning, the opening and closing of the doors as well as information on the operation of toilets. Thanks to our system, the driver has full control of the state of the train, both from the point of view of operation and in terms of passenger comfort”.

Last but not least – concluded Borrello – our solutions use a new-generation low-power system, which allows for limited energy consumption and, at the same time, an almost double lifetime as compared to previous technologies”.

Publication date 08/07/2017
Tag Sustainable Mobility , Technologies for Living Environments