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Meeting at the University of Bologna to overcome fears

Meeting at the University of Bologna to overcome fears

Second meeting of the Game of Fears cycle organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Bologna for the ISA Topic project: five macro themes addressing the fears that people have every day, featuring scientists, teachers and experts who will talk about immigration, childhood vaccinations, gender violence, real diseases and pseudo cures.

After the first meeting La politica della paura (the politics of fear), held on Friday 19 January 2018, the initiative continues to address themes of topical interest: Accoglienza, immigrazione e declino demografico (reception, immigration and population decline) on 7 February; Il caso delle vaccinazioni infantili (the case of childhood vaccinations) on 14 February; Immaginari da paura (scary imaginaries) on 8 March; Malattie vere e pseudo cure (real diseases and pseudo cures) on 24 May. The initiative will continue until autumn 2018 with other meetings still to be planned.

Today fears fill our lives and are fuelled by the pervasive use of global media”, said Professor Dario Braga, Director of ISA. “But they are also subjects of study and research”, he added. “ISA, in its interdisciplinary approach, has chosen to draw on the expertise of UniBo to focus attention on the hottest topics. We want to contribute to a rational approach to great fears. UniBo is not afraid”.

The ISA Topic project focuses annually on innovative and interdisciplinary research topics. From this year, through a University’s internal call, ISA will gather the 19 proposals coming from different areas on a single research topic. The initiative received a great response that has resulted in the 5 macro themes and 5 satellite events.

Publication date 02/08/2018
Source UNIBO
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