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Logo selected for METIS, the Italian instrument to study the Sun


The Italian instrument METIS has now a logo. In 2018, it will fly to the Sun onboard the Solar Orbiter mission of the European Space Agency (ESA). It was designed by Giovanni Simioni whose graphic concept was selected by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) among a number of idea proposals received during the “Draw your own METIS” (Disegna il tuo METIS) competition.

The image conceived by Simioni shows a stylized probe flying towards an eclipse of the Sun with iridescent emissions of light coming from under it. A very good representation of how the astronomic instrument METIS works, being conceived for the observation of the solar corona – the outer part of the Sun’s atmosphere – with a time and space resolution that has never been obtained before. 

The METIS coronagraph is one of the ten instruments selected by ESA as a payload onboard the Solar Orbiter probe, the European mission that will study the Sun, solar poles and the immediately surrounding area. The instrument was designed by a scientific team of the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), developed by an industrial consortium and funded by ASI, in cooperation with a research institute from Germany and one from Czech Republic.

Publication date 03/09/2015
Source ASI
Organizations ASI