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Italy-USA Aerospace: agreement for suborbital flights signed in Washington

Italy-USA Aerospace: agreement for suborbital flights signed in Washington

A new collaboration agreement between Italy and the United States, signed at the Italian Embassy in Washington, further strengthens the relations between the two countries in the aerospace sector.

The agreement – involving the American companies Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit, and the Italian Gruppo Angel − concerns commercial transportation

The agreement was signed during the event Italy-US Space Cooperation on Suborbital Flights by the CEOs of Gruppo Angel and Virgin Galactic, Vito Pertosa and George Whitesides respectively, in the presence of the President of Regione Puglia, Michele Emiliano. 

The aim of the initiative is to facilitate the development of an aerospace hub in the area of Grottaglie, near Taranto, to make Puglia one of the main European centres for commercial space transportation. 

This is the result of shared work that brought together the private sector, Italian institutions at both central and local level, and the academic world. Specifically, the idea of collaboration in suborbital flights was conceived for the first time at the Polytechnic University of Bari. 

At regional level, the aerospace sector already plays an important role in commercial relations between Puglia and the United States. As Regione Puglia points out, the sector of aircraft, spacecraft and related equipment represents half the value of Puglia’s exports to the USA in 2017. 

Publication date 10/22/2018
Source Ambasciata d’Italia a Washington
Tag Aerospace