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Influenza virus identified through advanced technologies

Influenza virus identified through advanced technologies

In some cases it is difficult to detect an influenza virus. The Virology Unit of the University-Hospital of Parma has developed a method that uses advanced technologies to identify an influenza A virus subtype H3.

The result was achieved through the use of a transmission electron microscope (x 280.000) by Flora De Conto and Maria Cristina Arcangeletti and collaborators at the Laboratory of Molecular Virology in Parma, directed by Adriana Calderaro, Head of the Microbiology and Virology School of the Medicine and Surgery Department at University of Parma.

The success was achieved through the combined application of different diagnostic methodologies, increasing the chances of detecting viral agents, such as influenza, in biological samples.

Specifically, the influenza virus was identified in a sample that was unsuitable for the application of the classical diagnostic path, which involves the use of cell cultures. Thanks to the use of advanced molecular technologies, it was possible to give a rapid laboratory diagnosis of influenza using a throat swab from an adult patient.

This shows that it is possible to give effective and rapid responses to patients, including a laboratory diagnosis of infections caused by viruses, in structures such as the Virology Unit, based on the specific expertise of the clinical virologist and the use of advanced diagnostic methodologies.

Publication date 12/13/2018
Source UNIPR
Tag Health , Life Sciences