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In the industrial area of Pordenone steel slag is recycled and reused

In the industrial area of Pordenone steel slag is recycled and reused

Recycling steel slag in the context of a circular and environmentally friendly economy and reusing it as a resource after the inertization treatment. This is the goal of the project that involved the industrial area of Pordenone and the CNR Montelibretti Research Area, in synergy with the startup FMP in Pordenone and three CNR institutes, IGAG, IRSA and ISM.

Researchers at CNR contributed to the implementation of the project by both participating in the improvement of the technology and respecting environmental regulations in the implementation of the slag stabilization process.

The process is now able to isolate the slag and make it inert so that it can be used in concrete, especially in ‘fair-faced’ concrete, thus avoiding the use of the natural inert material.

It is an area of great interest, where the skills are so specific that they can hardly be concentrated in a single job title. And precisely this need required the coordination of activities between 3 Institutes of CNR, and our greatest satisfaction lies in the results achieved”, said Girolamo Belardi, a researcher at CNR-IGAG in Rome.

Once treated, the slag shows the characteristics of a natural inert material and can be used in the preparation of structural concrete, with properties comparable to those of traditional concrete.

The technology, which has already attracted the interest of many international industrial groups in the sector, reinforces the CNR’s role in supporting and enhancing high-tech ideas coming from small companies with strong innovation potential, supporting them in their growth and in the optimization of methods.

Publication date 08/20/2018
Source CNR
Tag Technologies for Living Environments