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IIT supports Fameccanica in plant optimization

IIT supports Fameccanica in plant optimization

Fameccanica SpA, a worldwide leader in the construction of industrial machinery for the production and packaging of disposable absorbent sanitary products and of home and personal care products, invests about 1 million euro in an industrial robotics and automation project with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

The project aims to optimize and speed up the packaging systems for sanitary products by relying on ITT experts to develop robotic prototypes able to manipulate and maneuver materials and objects within Fameccanica’s production and packaging lines.

The company’s investment will cover both the employment of dedicated staff by the IIT, coordinated by researchers Ferdinando Cannella and Carlo Canali, researchers from the Advanced Robotics (ADVR) group led by Darwin Caldwell, and the design and construction costs of the new technologies at the IIT laboratories in Genoa, where the research activity will be carried out. The robotic systems will be tested in the company’s production areas, which offers the opportunity to align technology results with industrial needs without interruption.

The IIT researchers will carry out the project with an interdisciplinary approach, using the data obtained by the Institute in the fields of bio-inspired and flexible robotics, manipulation, machine learning and deep learning, and of smart sensor materials. This approach is the strategic element on which Fameccanica relies to innovate its systems.

Ferdinando Cannella and Carlo Canali, the two ITT researchers who will follow the research activities together with the Fameccanica staff, have been working for years on the development of industrial automation systems, collaborating with national and international companies.

Publication date 01/31/2017
Source IIT
Tag Smart Factory