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How do rodents see the world? A study by SISSA explains

How do rodents see the world? A study by SISSA explains

A glance is often enough to recognize the gender or emotional state of a person; however, the visual process driving this identification is very sophisticated. A new research, carried out by SISSA at the Visual Neurosciences Laboratory directed by Davide Zoccolan and published in Current Biology, has demonstrated the existence of similar object recognition strategies in rodents.

The study results confirm that the use of this animal model for the study of object vision will offer new opportunities for the development of artificial vision systems and diagnostic approaches.

In our lives, we immediately identify an object or an emotional state, thanks to our ability to extract from the retinal image the specific features of an object or a face and their spatial relationships

Through a behavioural study, the researchers investigated the ability of rats to discriminate a reference object from other objects, more or less similar to the reference, by using different recognition models.

"These results not only confirm the validity of rodent models for the study of vision but can also have interesting applications," said Zoccolan. "The type of visual recognition strategies employed by rats seems to be quite advanced to be used as an inspiration for the improvement of artificial vision systems based on neural networks."

Publication date 04/13/2018
Source SISSA
Tag Life Sciences