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Hi-Tech coffee? ENEA will make it

Hi-Tech coffee? ENEA will make it

To determine coffee aroma and taste by analyzing the molecules released during roasting through a hi-tech multisensorial system is the aim of the COMETA project.

The project, which involves ENEA, Danesi Caffè, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, Genechron, spin-off from ENEA, is co-funded by Regione Lazio.

The sensors developed by UCBM will analyze Danesi coffee blends to determine the best roasting that will reflect on the quality of the drink in the cup.

First of all, we will analyze two molecules, the amino acids associated with the sweet taste and the aliphatic compounds for acid taste. Once ‘trained’, the multisensorial system developed by Campus Bio-Medico will analyze several additional chemical compounds produced during the roasting process in order to identify the ‘sentinel’ molecules of precious blends. When perfected, this hi-tech system will be included in the coffee manufacturing process”, said Gianfranco Diretto, a researcher of ENEA Biotechnologies Laboratory and leader of the COMETA project on behalf of the Agency.

The multisensorial system is the evolution of “Bionote”, already used by UCBM for different food applications and will produce an aroma fingerprint for each coffee blend.

After producing this ‘fingerprint’, we will analyze the phenolic compounds associated with the quality of Danesi coffee. This activity” added Chiara Fanali, Professor at UCBM “will aim at studying non-volatile molecules associated with coffee taste”.

For an additional certification of the product quality, Genechron will verify the molecules on a genetic basis, associating them to those that characterize the origin and species of coffee.

Publication date 11/14/2018
Source ENEA
Tag Agrifood