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Hernia repair, an innovative technique in Pisa

Hernia repair, an innovative technique in Pisa

Azienda ospedaliera universitaria pisana will be the first hospital in Italy to experiment with the innovative Desarda method for inguinal hernia repair, developed by Indian surgeon Mohan P. Desarda.

This alternative procedure does not use synthetic prostheses but a section of the external oblique muscle, separated and shaped, sutured to the inguinal ligament below and used as a reinforcement of the parietal defect, at the basis of hernia pathophysiology, without compromising the conjoint tendon.

In the General Surgery Section of AOUP, Doctor Francesco Porcelli, under the supervision of Professor Giulio Di Candio, has performed the first 13 operations using Desarda method.

In recent years, hernia repair techniques using biocompatible prostheses made of synthetic or biological materials have been widely used. However, Desarda technique, although not applicable to all patients and to all types of hernias, appears to be time and cost effective in selected cases, and, as it does not require any artificial prosthetic material, it eliminates the risk of infection, rejection or periprosthetic sclerosis.

Inguinal hernia is one of the most common conditions and is among the most common surgical procedures performed worldwide. In the USA, about 800,000 operations are performed every year out of a total of 1,000.000 cases of inguinal, umbilical, incisional, femoral and crural hernias, with an important economic and social impact.

Publication date 12/27/2018
Source UNIPI
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