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Gianpaolo Bellini awarded the Enrico Fermi 2017 prize

Gianpaolo Bellini awarded the Enrico Fermi 2017 prize

The Italian Physical Society-SIF awarded the prestigious "Enrico Fermi" 2017 prize to Gianpaolo Bellini, a physicist of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics-INFN, for his important discoveries on Sun Physics and Neutrino Physics based on the Borexino experiment that allowed to investigate neutrinos emitted by our star at low and very low energy.

The jury that awarded Bellini consists of experts appointed by INFN, SIF, National Research Council-CNR, National Institute for Astrophysics-INAF, National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology-INGV, National Metrology Institute-INRIM and Centro Fermi. Besides Gianpaolo Bellini, the jury also awarded Venya Berezinski and Till Kirsteen for their theories on ultra-high energy neutrinos in cosmic rays and the Gallex experiment, completed at the end of the 1990s, respectively.

The "Enrico Fermi" prize was set up by SIF in 2001 on the occasion of the centenary of Fermi’s birth and it is yearly awarded to one or more Members of the Society who have particularly honoured physics with their discoveries by an expert commission.

Borexino is located at the INFN laboratories beneath Gran Sasso and is the only instrument all over the world that can identify the part of the spectrum of solar neutrinos down to 150 kiloelectronvolts, equal to 1000 electronvolts, thanks to its high radiopurity levels. Thanks to this experiment, all fusion reactions occurring inside the Sun have been measured for the first time. With regard to neutrino physics, the ratio between the survival probability in a vacuum and in matter of electron neutrino was measured.

Publication date 09/12/2017
Source SIF
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