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From UNIBO the biobased products of the future

From UNIBO the biobased products of the future

Are there products derived from biomass that are particularly suitable to be produced and marketed in the next 5/10 years?

An answer to this question has been provided by the study “Bioeconomy: Support to Policy for Research and Innovation”, carried out by University of Bologna as part of a project coordinated by the Danish group COWI, presented on 6 June 2018 in Brussels at the Directorate General for Research and Innovation (EC DG-RTD) of the European Commission.

The UNIBO study will provide support for the decisions the European Commission will have to take in the biobased products sector, with regard to the enactment of new EU policies and the identification of research and innovation issues.

We were called upon to carry out a difficult task, both in terms of the amount of work to be carried out over a limited period of time and in terms of technical complexity”, explained Paola Fabbri, professor and coordinator of the activities carried out by UNIBO. “The uniqueness of our study lies in the fact that we have mapped all kinds of innovation in biobased products deriving from seven different types of biomass”.

This unique UNIBO study lasted fourteen months involving multidisciplinary expertise and it is considered to be of particular interest to large investors involved in the sector.

The study yielded significant results with insights on the potential offered by the sector: “The results have not yet been disclosed”, said prof. Fabbri, “but dozens of companies have already contacted us to view our database. It is a great satisfaction to see so much attention paid to our work, and it is important that the University of Bologna has had this opportunity, and has been able to seize it”.

Publication date 07/03/2018
Source UNIBO
Tag Green Chemistry , Technologies for Living Environments