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From ENEA a new method for biogas purification

From ENEA a new method for biogas purification

ENEA has patented a new, time and cost-effective method for the purification of biogas, which can then be used as a fuel for both transport and electricity generation.

The process involves transforming the hydrogen sulphide present in biogas (an extremely toxic, corrosive and asphyxiant compound) into sulphur.

The transformation was made possible thanks to special bacteria that were made more efficient by LED light wavelengths.

The extracted sulphur can be used for various industrial and agronomic purposes, such as the production of natural pesticides in the organic farming sector.

The process, properly developed, will be useful in the production of biomethane at significantly lower costs than current purification systems. In addition, the increase in the production of biomethane could have positive effects on the environment since it would be more widely used in road transport”, explained Elena De Luca, researcher at ENEA and inventor of the patent.

Publication date 12/11/2018
Source ENEA
Tag Energy , Physical Sciences and Engineering