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Food excellence, ENEA to coordinate a project to preserve it

Food excellence, ENEA to coordinate a project to preserve it

It was named MED-GOLD – Mediterranean Gold and it is the European project to preserve food excellence of our tables: grapevine, olive tree and durum wheat, threatened by climate change and invasion of noxious species.

Carried out by a team of scientists and large enterprises, the project is coordinated by ENEA and funded with 5 million euro by the European Union which, on an industrial level, can count on three partners of global relevance: Barilla for pasta, the Spanish DCoop for olive oil and Portuguese Sogrape Vinhos for wine.

The initiative aims at developing highly specialized climate services for grapevine, olive and wheat cultures, by optimizing timing and agricultural techniques with regard to global warming.

This new type of climate services for agriculture allows to provide very targeted, ‘tailored’ information, and to act over a period of time of several decades, as compared to the actual weather forecast which does not exceed 2-3 days, also to assess elements such as agricultural yields, measure the adaptability potential and increase the resilience of the Mediterranean agri-food system making it more competitive and efficient” said Alessandro dell’Aquila, a researcher of the ENEA Climate Modelling and Impact Laboratory.

In the last phase of MED-GOLD, this method will be extended to coffee, in order to strengthen the global dimension of the project outside the Mediterranean area and to provide climate services to the largest agricultural commodity in the world.

Publication date 02/08/2018
Source ENEA
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