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ExoMars mission sends first “spectacular” images from Mars

ExoMars mission sends first “spectacular” images from Mars

The Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) of the ExoMars European mission has provided the first high-resolution images of the Red Planet, taken by CaSSIS (Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System) stereoscopic camera, developed by the University of Berna with contribution from INAF – Astronomic Observatory of Padua and Italian Space Agency (ASI).

CaSSIS observed the region called Hebes Chasma with a resolution of 2.8 m per pixel, and provided images which were defined as “absolutely spectacular” by CaSSIS Principal Investigator, Nicolas Thomas from the University of Berna, although it was only meant to be a test.

“These very first images by high resolution CaSSIS camera on board ExoMars TGO are fascinating and bring us increasingly closer to Mars, the most important destination of robot and human exploration – said ASI President Roberto Battiston. – These images are extraordinary since they arrive a few days after the activation of CaSSIS, an instrument developed in Italy. We expect the next ones to be even shaper”.

The CaSSIS team – explained Co-Principal Investigator Gabriele Cremonese from the Observatory of Padua – is also working on the development of a software that makes 3D models from the images provided by the stereoscopic camera. A project that is already proving very successful, although it is still in the preliminary phase.

Publication date 12/05/2016
Tag Aerospace