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Energy, the Heat-to-Fuel project gets underway

Energy, the Heat-to-Fuel project gets underway

The objective of the Heat-to-Fuel project is to provide technologies and processes for the development of biofuels and the next generation of fuels in the transport sector. The project, funded under Horizon 2020 and involving 14 partners from 7 European countries, is coordinated by the Austrian institution Güssing Energy Technologies.

The project, in which Italy is involved through Politecnico di Torino, was prompted by the need to find an alternative to imported fossil fuels, such as diesel fuel and kerosene, which in 2013 accounted for 31.6% of energy consumption in the transport sector in Europe, aiming at a production with lower environmental impact and reduced emissions.

The new fuel will be a “decarbonized” biofuel, obtained from second-generation biomass (instead of petroleum), more efficient thanks to the integration of new technologies, innovative activities on design, modelling, development of hardware and processes, testing and life cycle analysis of a fully integrated system.

The Politecnico’s tasks include designing the plant.

The new biofuel will bring economic benefits as it will help achieve prices below 1 euro per litre, thanks to lower production costs, and create new jobs following the opening on new biorefineries.

Increased quality will lead to the improvement in the environmental impact as a consequence of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, with all aspects related to energy security, as well as to an increase in the use of local resources, thus reducing dependency on imported fuels.

Publication date 12/18/2018
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