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Energy: the BRISK2 project

Energy: the BRISK2 project

The creation of a network of leading European infrastructures for the coordinated development of biofuel research. This is the objective of BRISK2- Biofuel Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge, the project that involves ENEA, through the Trisaia Research Centre, and the Polytechnic University of Turin, together with 15 other partners including universities, research institutions and industries from 11 European countries.

Funded with 10 million euro under Horizon 2020, the project will run for 5 years and aims to optimize the use of the research infrastructures of the partners participating in the project, while increasing networking and scientific collaboration activities in the bioenergy sector.

In particular, BRISK2 aims to improve the success of biofuels implementation by:

  • Consolidating bioenergy expertise and knowledge
  • Providing opportunities for international collaboration
  • Promoting a culture of cooperation
  • Leading to new bioenergy research activities across Europe.

ENEA will make available the infrastructures of excellence of the Trisaia Centre, such as the pilot station for gasification, the facilities for the extraction of sugars and natural polymers from plant biomass, and the technologies for the separation of ultrapure hydrogen.

BRISK2 was launched in 2017 following BRISK, which between 2011 and 2015 funded hundreds of research initiatives across Europe. While BRISK was focused on thermal conversion research projects, BRISK2 has a broader scope and welcomes applications from any researcher or team of researchers working in biofuels.

Publication date 02/09/2018
Source ENEA