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ENEA identified seven new coastal areas at risk of flooding

ENEA identified seven new coastal areas at risk of flooding

Based on a new climate model for short-term weather forecasting set up by ENEA, seven new Italian coastal areas could be flooded by the Mediterranean Sea, due to climate change as well as the geological features of our peninsula.

Based on new measurements that estimate that tens of square kilometres of land will be lost by the end of the century, ENEA estimated that four areas on the peninsula and three areas on the islands are at risk. The new seven Italian coastal areas join the others previously identified by ENEA.

The new maps were presented on 5 July 2018 in Rome during the summit organized by ENEA on climate change and variation of the Mediterranean Sea level. During the two-day event ENEA presented the climate model on which they are working with MIT in Boston and the Italian scientific community. They are using the CRESCO6 supercomputer, which integrates oceanographic, geological and geophysical data to produce predictions on the rising of the Mediterranean Sea level.

Over the last 200 years, the average ocean level has increased at a faster pace as compared to the last 3 thousand years, with an alarming acceleration of 3 to 4 mm per year only in the last two decades – said geomorphologist Fabrizio Antonioli from ENEA – Without a drastic change of course in the emissions of greenhouse gases, the increase in the sea level expected by 2100 will irreversibly change the current morphology of the Italian territory, with an expected flooding of up to 5,500 km2 of coastal plane, where over half of the Italian population is concentrated”.

Publication date 08/24/2018
Source ENEA
Tag Life Sciences , Technologies for Living Environments