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ENEA contributes to the Picchio electric supercar

ENEA contributes to the Picchio electric supercar

It was presented at H2R - Mobility for sustainability, in the context of the Ecomondo Expo which took place 7 to 11 November in Rimini. HIZEV is a real high-performance, yet eco-friendly, supercar with a futuristic design, able to combine environmental sustainability and high performance.

The car was produced by a consortium of small and medium enterprises led by Picchio Spa and in collaboration with ENEA, which designed the storage system, to absorb and release energy.

HIZEV is a four-wheel drive car with a motorized front end with an 150 kW electric drive, the rear end with two motors 100 kW each and vector control electronic differential. The storage system, centrally located in the rear, consists of high-power lithium-ion cells with an estimated autonomy of 180 km and was developed in the Laboratory of Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Mobility and Electric Energy Storage at the ENEA Research Centre in Casaccia.

“We modelled, from a thermal and electric perspective, the behaviour of batteries in the extreme conditions of races, and the results obtained were bench validated”, said the Head of the ENEA laboratory, Giovanni Pede.

“The main added value of ENEA – commented Pede – lies in combining the design of storage systems with practical performance verification in the Testing Lab for batteries in Casaccia, a facility of excellence in our Country”.

The car, developed by PICCHIO for uphill races, can achieve particularly high performances: acceleration from 0 to 100 is estimated to be between 3 and 3.5 seconds, and it can reach 300 km/h.

Thanks to these characteristics, the electric HIZEV car may soon become the first high performance car in Italy to participate in sports events such as uphill and track races.