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Enea and Confindustria, together for technological innovation for competitiveness


On 8 October in Milan, Confindustria and ENEA, in collaboration with Regione Lombardia, launched the first national road show on technological innovation for competitiveness, in order to help bring together demand and supply between public research and industry.

Attending enterprises, mainly  SMEs, followed the presentation of technologies related to smart manufacturing, green chemistry and energy, three of the clusters in Lombardy, which were selected from the ENEA Atlas of technological innovation, the database including over 500 advanced services, technological solutions and products for enterprises, public administration and citizens in a number of fields.

The Atlas is a showcase for existing multidisciplinary excellence, which can facilitate technological transfer, by reducing the gap between research and business, with the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of our production system.

The event featured the President of Confindustria Lombardia Alberto Ribolla, vice-President of Assolombarda Pietro Guindani, Commissioner of ENEA Federico Testa and Deputy General Manager at the Regione Lombardia Directorate for “Production activities, Research and Innovation” Armando De Crinito.

“We at ENEA firmly believe in the added value of innovation to compete on national and international markets, as confirmed by the study on SMEs that was issued yesterday by Mise – said Commissioner of ENEA Federico Testa  –  To innovate in order to be competitive in an increasingly global market is the aim of this first road show that we will repeat also in other Italian regions in order to facilitate the access of associations and single enterprises to advanced services and products developed by our research”.

“The ENEA initiative has the merit of bringing research and companies in close connection from a competitive perspective. Creating a system and getting together by creating synergies between enterprises, clusters and research centres is more and more an essential condition to innovate and compete – says President of Confindustria Lombardia Alberto Ribolla – Confindustria Lombardia cannot but see an opportunity in the public/private relationship, with regard to sharing strategic lines and goals with institutions and public stakeholders, while fully respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities”.

“Research and innovation – says counsellor to Production activities, Research and Innovation of Lombardy Region Mario Melazzini – are strategic priorities for the Regione Lombardia. Initiatives similar to this road show are very important because they contribute to consolidate a virtuous and synergic relationship between economy and universities and research, by creating a supply chain that also includes institutions and finance. All this makes real the perspective of turning ideas into well-being for communities and economic value. In this context, clusters play a crucial role since they are the priority tool to ensure that what every individual has becomes a common asset, with the ultimate objective of achieving well-being for everybody”.

Next stops of the road show will be Rome, Ancona, Naples, Bologna, Varese, Treviso and Verona, with meetings organized in collaboration with the "Education and Innovation" area of Confindustria.

Publication date 10/16/2015
Source ENEA
Tag Green Chemistry , Energy , Smart Factory , Life Sciences