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Driverless cars in Turin

Driverless cars in Turin

Turin will be the first Italian city to experiment with autonomous and connected vehicles, becoming a City Lab, where to experiment with innovative solutions that will be used for the cars of the future.

Cars will have to learn to stop at red lights, park, give way, respect the speed limits, making use of the propensity of the city and its research centres to increase their innovative know-how in the sectors of automotive, components, telecommunications, sensors, advanced electronics and artificial intelligence.

Turin is the perfect ecosystem to carry out this project, conducted by Città di Torino in collaboration with Politecnico.

As a University, we coordinate the scientific aspects of the project”, said Professor Claudio Casetti, contact person for the project at the University. “It is an ambitious challenge and we are working closely with all partners, first of all with the Municipality, to bring the prototypes on the streets of Turin as soon as possible”.

The experimentation will concern technological solutions for the support of connected and autonomous vehicles, as well as the upgrading of the infrastructure network with the most advanced smart services for autonomous driving.

Publication date 10/18/2018
Tag Sustainable Mobility , Technologies for Living Environments