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Cyprus, Italian archaeological mission at Erimi completed

Cyprus, Italian archaeological mission at Erimi completed

The tenth archaeological campaign in the area of the proto-historic site of Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou in Limassol, Cyprus, coordinated by the University of Turin, has ended.

The mission was carried out under the scientific direction of Prof. Luca Bombardieri in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and numerous international partners.

The settlement, located in the hinterland of Limassol, was inhabited during the Bronze Age and extends over a high limestone terrace overlooking the river Kouris and over a portion of the southern coast in the Kourion gulf area.

Thanks to its peculiarities, the site is providing new data on the transition to urban society, in a context straddling the Middle East and the central Mediterranean areas. Archaeological evidence led to the identification of a multifunctional settlement, with a residential area, a necropolis and a workshop located on the top of the hill.

The data collected shows that the workshop complex was probably intended for the production of textiles. Isolated from the industrial area, the residential area hosted the community with a necropolis just outside the village.

The latest campaign”, explained Prof. Bombardieri, “has produced extremely positive results. The investigation of the southern area of the settlement brought to light another part of an impressive wall structure which appears to have been the circuit wall of the village. This is an important discovery because in this historical period there are no other known fortified centres with this type of very massive and monumental structures”.

Publication date 10/16/2018
Source UNITO
Tag Cultural Heritage