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Cosmo-SkyMed satellites studying California earthquake


The four Italian satellites making up the Cosmo-SkyMed constellation have been activated to collect data about the 6.1 magnitude seismic event that hit Napa Valley area, Northern California, on August 24. The technical features of this system, designed and developed in Italy, will allow to collect precious data to support the analysis of quake effects as well as to identify any possible fault ruptures.

In the past, data from Cosmo-SkyMed have already been used by the United Nations to study important natural events, such as the cyclone Nargis in Burma and hurricanes Hannah and Ike in Haiti. In this case, data provided by Cosmo-SkyMed will aid in monitoring and assessing damage caused by the Californian quake that was felt by over a million people.

Data collected by the Italian satellite system of earth observation were processed by NASA ARIA center (Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis) and by California Institute of Technology, in cooperation with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the University of Basilicata. The results from processing were published by California Earthquake Clearinghouse and Southern California Earthquake Center Forum Response.

Publication date 09/02/2014
Source Agenzia Spaziale Italiana