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Civita di Tarquinia: excavations at the monumental complex completed

Civita di Tarquinia: excavations at the monumental complex completed

The excavations at the monumental complex of Civita di Tarquinia have been completed. The campaign was carried out by the “Tarquinia Project” Coordinated Research Centre of the University of Milan, led by Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni, Professor of Etruscology at the Department of Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano.

The campaign led to the discovery of a large underground cistern, 10 metres in diameter, identified in 2013, considered an exceptional discovery from an archaeological point of view, which has been completely cleared during this year, uncovering a circular room with a vault supported by six pillars and a truncated cone-shaped cavity resting on them.

A staircase gave access to the cistern from the eastern side and, together with a canal system, testifies to the integration of the structure in the phase when it became part of a coherent hydraulic system in the late Hellenistic period”, explains Professor Bagnasco Gianni. “The cistern was filled with dismantled building materials and stones along with dozens of skeletal remains that are now being analysed at the Labanof Laboratory directed by Cristina Cattaneo”.

The Tarquinia Project excavations attracted training students from around the world. This year, students from the University of Oxford, involved in the Field School programme since 2015, have visited.

Publication date 11/09/2018
Source UNIMI
Tag Cultural Heritage