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Children’s Elf Garden has started to bring fruits

Children’s Elf Garden has started to bring fruits

Set up at the beginning of school year, the Elf Garden has started to bring fruits: this is a special area of the Botanical Garden of the University of Cagliari, dedicated to children attending Satta School, who have continued, with the help of the gardeners of Hortus Botanicus Karalitanus - HBK, to carry out the “La scuola degli elfi” project, which includes some outdoor activities.

The collaboration between the school and the university is encouraging students to learn how to take care of the main horticultural species growing in the Italian countryside, that is vegetables that they usually see only when they are brought to table at home or at school.

The initiative results from the collaboration between the School and HBK, the service centre that manages the University Botanical Garden. The 25 children have gone to the Garden once a month, accompanied by their teachers, and have learnt the first notions about how to cultivate the various species.  

We are increasingly determined to achieve a living and shared garden” said HBK Director, Gianluigi Bacchettaby showing school children the life cycle of plants and by actively involving them in taking care of plants: in this way, they increase their awareness of where the food they eat every day comes from and they also learn to have a different attitude, certainly more sustainable and respectful, towards the environment. All of this in perfect harmony with school”.

Publication date 05/16/2018
Source UNICA
Tag Agrifood , Smart Communities