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Be a citizen scientist with BEES on Researchers’ Night!

Be a citizen scientist with BEES on Researchers’ Night!

Citizens are all invited to take part in research with BEES, the project that will liven up streets and squares in over 30 cities and small towns across Italy between 22 and 29 September 2018. The initiative, with its focus in Frascati, will culminate on 28 September during European Researcher’ Night. 

Organized by Associazione Frascati Scienza and bringing together over 60 partners, BEES is one of the 9 Italian projects selected by the European Commission for the period 2018-2019 of European Researchers’ Night: the well-established initiative that, for more than 10 years, has brought citizens and students closer to the many faces of research.

BEES is an acronym for BE a citizEn Scientist but it also refers to the collaborative capacity of bees, as suggested by the logo of the initiative. The event is inspired by the beehive: an example of social organization in which the contribution of each individual is reflected in the well-being of the entire community. 

The project is based on the idea that research is a common good that has to be shared and that collaboration between scientists and citizens produces results that we can all benefit from. Hence the goal of further widening citizen participation in scientific research, as underlined by Cinzia Grasso from Frascati Scienza during the press conference held at MIUR. The activities of collection and use of scientific data, for example, which will involve citizens of all ages, go in this direction. 

Science communication − a key tool in the dialogue between science and society − will also have an important place in the event: Piero Angela will be granted the honorary citizenship of Frascati on European Researchers’ Night.

The programme of the event includes hands-on experiments, meetings with researchers, themed conferences, book presentations, quizzes, and scientific aperitifs.

From Sicily to Piedmont, from Veneto to Sardinia, obviously including Lazio and Rome, the events will focus on areas of great social impact and interest: from health sciences to nutrition, from the relationship between man and environment to space, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from the mysteries of the past to the role of numbers in everyday life, from music to play.

Special attention will be given to young people and students: the leading players of the event, according to the first study on the Night’s participants carried out by researchers at INFN’s National Laboratory of Frascati, G.Eco and Frascati Scienza, which analyzed the previous editions.

The study reveals a strong participation of women who have represented almost 60% of the total public in recent years, the vast majority with the aim of orienting their children towards a career in science. 



Publication date 09/25/2018
Source Frascati Scienza