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Archaeology: UNIPD in Torba to study the Middle Age

Archaeology: UNIPD in Torba to study the Middle Age

A team of researchers from the School of Medieval Archaelogy of the University of Padua is analysing the findings found at the excavations of Torba, one of the symbolic sites of Italian Middle Age, owned by FAI and a world heritage site. The findings are a fortress dating back to the Late Roman period, some rooms of a female monastery of the Early Medieval period and the tomb of a horse, maybe related to a Longobardic warrier.

“We aim at retracing the history of one of the most important fortresses of the Late Roman period in Northern Italy and of the Monastery that was then built probably in the Longobardic period which was used until the early XV century” – said Alexandra Chavarria, Scientific Director of excavations and Associate Professor of UNIPD Department of Cultural Heritage.

The excavation campaign at the site, started in the 1980s with the investigations conducted by Gian Pietro Brogiolo, a professor of the University of Padua, continued in 2013: the excavations are now ongoing thanks to funding by UNIPD and Regione Lombardia.

“We have found some areas for the artisanal processing of metals and some areas used as construction site for the monastery. This year we would like to understand the sequence of monastery buildings South of the tower and, at the same time, we are excavating at the feet of the tower to better understand its structure, the surrounding area and the precise chronology, in a few words, to discover the history of this very important historical site” concluded the Director.

Concomitantly with the excavation campaign, the exhibition “Longobardi. Un popolo che cambia la storia” is ongoing, which will be open in Pavia until 3 December 2017, set up with the scientific coordination of Professor Brogiolo and participation of UNIPD professors and students.

Publication date 09/12/2017
Source UNIPD
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