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ARC Intellicare, a new home assistant for post-stroke rehabilitation to be launched soon

ARC Intellicare, a new home assistant for post-stroke rehabilitation to be launched soon

Artificial Intelligence will allow stroke patients to be assisted during rehabilitation, monitoring their progress and stimulating them in their daily activities.

The ARC-Intellicare IT platform was presented at the Internet Festival. It will enable home-based rehabilitation by helping those patients who, after discharge from hospital, must follow a rehabilitation routine and may use incorrect techniques in the absence of a therapist.

Specifically developed for stroke patients, in November 2018 the system will be tested in Italy and Northern Ireland on 300 patients in their homes.

The ARC device consists of a tablet with a pre-installed APP connected wirelessly to the sensors located on the limbs. The Artificial Intelligence engine analyses the information from the sensors and assists the patients during their daily exercise routines.

The platform works without an internet connection or WiFi and can therefore be used by patients living in rural areas.

ARC Intellicare is part of the European “Mobile Assistance for Groups Individuals within the Community (MAGIC)” project and was created thanks to two spin-off companies from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies: BioCare Provider, from the TeCIP Institute, and Henesis, from the BioRobotics Institute, which merged into the CAMLIN group.

CAMLIN is a technology company founded in Northern Ireland in 2008, active in 20 countries around the world, featuring among the fastest-growing British technology companies in 2014. It has three centres in Italy: in Parma for Artificial Intelligence, in Pisa for App/Web Development, and in Bologna for the energy sector. The first two centres have developed ARC Intellicare.

Publication date 10/24/2018
Source Scuola Sant'Anna
Tag Health , Technologies for Living Environments