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All trees are synchronized globally

All trees are synchronized globally

Trees record atmospheric changes in a homogenous way globally.

This is the result of the dendrochronological analysis conducted on 27 tree species from 5 continents. The study, published in Nature Communications, involved 67 researchers from 57 institutes all over the world including Mauro Bernabei from CNR IVALSA and Marco Carrer from the University of Padua.

The study has revealed that the comparative analysis of wood rings from living trees, historical woods, archaeological excavations and remains of subfossil woods belonging to 27 species helped determine, for the first time, the extension and the timing of the increase in radiocarbon (14C) concentrations in the atmosphere occurred in 774 and 993 a.C.

The initiative, called COSMIC, allowed to dispel any assumptions on the disappearance of the growth rings as a result of eruptions and to show the annual precision of the 44 longest dendrochronological series in the worldwide, including the pluri-millennial series developed by CNR-IVALSA in Trentino”, said Bernabei.

This study has developed a model that can confirm the dating of events concerning whole continents and hemispheres and is an important resource for research on climate and environment. Moreover, the study provides further evidence of the precision of dendrochronological dating as well as important information useful for the evaluation of the potential threat of cosmic events on our activities.

An event similar to that occurred in 774, today would cause unimaginable damage to electromagnetic technology, satellites and transformers connected to the electric power”, said Carrer.

Publication date 10/03/2018
Source CNR
Tag Agrifood , Life Sciences