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A new Sino-Italian research centre thanks to UNIPD

A new Sino-Italian research centre thanks to UNIPD

The University of Padua and Guangzhou University have signed a partnership agreement that strengthens the relationship between the two universities ten years after the signing of the previous agreement.

The new partnership agreement is aimed at the creation of a China-Italy International Research Centre for Protection of Historical Architectures and Cultural Relics.

Italy and China are the countries with the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites”, said Rosario Rizzuto from UNIPD. “This collaboration, intended as a network of laboratories, clustering and a synergistic exchange of knowledge between our Universities in the fields of engineering, architecture, archaeology and materials science, is an important step towards future growth, possible only thanks to the intersection of different cultures and the internationalization of knowledge”.

I remember the signing of the agreement in 2008”, said Qu Shaobing, Chairman of the Chinese University Council, “and coming back here today to see that that small plant has become a lush tree thanks to the commitment of our Universities is a great satisfaction. China and Italy have a long history of collaboration, just think of Marco Polo, who began his journey from Venice. Those who have worked over the centuries to promote intercultural exchange and relations between our two Countries would be proud to see how Padua and Guangzhou are carrying out this collaboration with great commitment”.

The University of Padua presented the Rector of the Chinese University with a medal representing a bucranium, symbol of the University of Padua, and a goat, symbol of Guangzhou.

Publication date 10/19/2018
Source UNIPD
Tag Cultural Heritage , Smart Communities