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A new device for cell culture

A new device for cell culture

Researchers have recently implemented a new device that re-creates, in the lab, oxygen, glucose and PH in vivo conditions, by mimicking the situation in which the physiology and pathology of cells, tissues and body originate.

Developed by a team of researchers from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Bologna, led by Stefania Rapino, the device re-creates, in the lab, in-vivo conditions, by mimicking the main physiological functions of tissues and cell environments, a result never achieved in vitro before.

This device”, said Professor Rapinowill encourage research on tailored treatments, with better results for patients and possible cost reductions for the healthcare systems. It will be useful for diseases that account for high healthcare costs, e.g. cancer and cardiovascular diseases, in which the monitoring of oxygen levels in the cellular environment is a particularly important  parameter for analysis”.

A practical, “disposable” device that will allow to obtain more reliable results and reduce pharmaceutical spending. Moreover, it will be possible to overcome the limits of cell culture and decrease the use of test animals in clinical trials.

Publication date 12/28/2018
Source UNIBO
Tag Health