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Excavations at Urbisaglia and Villa Magna completed
A team from University of Macerata has completed the archaeological excavation campaign led by Roberto Perna at the sites of Pollentia-Urbs Salvia and Villamagna, in the area of Urbisaglia.
Publication date 07/13/2018
Source UNIMC
A software application to reconstruct the diets of the past
Thanks to a new software application we could soon know what the last meal was on Noah’s Ark or during any other important historical event. The new tool, described in a study published in Ecology...
Publication date 07/12/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
New infrastructure for aerospace testing set up in Sardinia
This is a unique space infrastructure, where research activities and space tests will be carried out and internal and external thermal shields will be developed for the family of Vega Italian launchers.
Publication date 07/06/2018
Source ASI
Biotech companies: new services of the BIOSERVICE platform
The innovative "BIOSERVICE platform" for biotech companies based in the Lazio region has been recently set up with the aim of supporting through technology transfer, one of the most innovative...
Publication date 07/05/2018
Source ENEA
Metrology at the service of diagnostics
To protect the safety of patients with implants, by testing and certifying the compatibility of prostheses with exposure to magnetic fields is the aim of the research project MIMAS - "Procedures allowing...
Publication date 07/05/2018
Source INRIM
More tornadoes in the Mediterranean Sea due to global warming
Waterspouts and tornadoes are increasingly common in Italian seas due to the rise in the temperature of water caused by global warming. This is the conclusion of a joint study carried out by ENEA and CNR...
Publication date 07/04/2018
Source ENEA
Wulfenite discovered in Calabria
For the first time, Wulfenite, a very rare and valued mineral named after Austrian botanist and geologist Franz Xaver von Wulfen, was identified in Calabria. It is usually used for the extraction of molybdenum.
Publication date 07/04/2018
Fight against cancer: new anti-cancer protein discovered
Researchers have discovered SEMA3A, a synthetic protein that could become an effective innovative anticancer strategy, normalizing the blood vessels of solid tumours and boosting the effects of therapies.
Publication date 07/03/2018
Source UNITO
Posture determined the shape of our teeth
A study published in Scientific Reports shows that, starting with our oldest ancestors millions of years ago, the upright posture acquired by humans during their evolution is related to our dental occlusion.
Publication date 07/02/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Poplar trees can help fight pollutants
Poplars seem to be able to absorb, transform and accumulate pharmaceutical pollutants such as Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory active ingredient often found in urban waste water. This is demonstrated by...
Publication date 06/28/2018
Source Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
The mother of all lizards found in the Dolomites
A fossil of Megachirella wachtleri, a small reptile similar to a lizard found about twenty years ago in the Dolomites, was analysed using innovative reconstruction techniques, which push back the start...
Publication date 06/28/2018
Source UNIPD
Multiple sclerosis: Omega 3 are the answer
To slow down and fight Multiple Sclerosis, it is necessary to stop the inflammatory processes that characterize this disease. Resolvins, molecules that can repair the tissues damaged by an inflammatory...
Publication date 06/27/2018
Source UCBM
What alternatives to copper in agriculture?
Funded with 4 million euro under Horizon 2020, this project aims at searching for alternatives to the use of copper and pesticides in the most interesting crops in Trentino.
Publication date 06/27/2018
Source UNITN