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New laboratory for Fondazione Donazione Organi Trapianti
The creation of a ‘transplant laboratory’ and a series of related fundraising actions involving citizens, companies, institutions, associations and foundations are part of the new project planned...
Publication date 05/25/2018
Source UNITO
Alcohol consumption drops among adolescents
Adolescent alcohol use is decreasing in Europe and North America and this seems to be related to public expenditures on family benefits. It was revealed by a study carried out by University of Padua and...
Publication date 05/25/2018
Source UNIPD
In search of the stones of the Dragon in Armenia
The Dragon Stones Archaeological Project is the name of the project started in 2012 to analyze the megalithic steles found on the Armenian mountains.
Publication date 05/24/2018
Source UNIVE
ESA, project to fight degenerative diseases now underway
To investigate the effects of altered gravity on biological processes, as it happens to astronauts who remain in space for a long time, to contrast the increase in free radicals responsible for cell aging...
Publication date 05/24/2018
Source UNIPI
Sant’Anna School student awarded in Moscow
Elena Del Pup, almost twenty years of age, has received her first international recognition in Moscow for her research project on “Epigenetics in Grapes for Wine Production: the three-dimensional...
Publication date 05/23/2018
Source Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Philosophers are the best in statistical calculations
Among researchers in social sciences, philosophers are the best in statistical calculations. This is the result of a study carried out by scientists at the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences...
Publication date 05/22/2018
Source UNITO
Greenhouse, the application deadline is 28 May
There is time until 28 May 2018 to apply for GreenHouse, the Climate-KIC pre-incubation programme for students and workers who have an innovative idea to tackle the effects of climate change and want to...
Publication date 05/21/2018
Source FBK
Stroke: telerehabilitation is being tested in Sardinia
Innovative and technological solutions that support stroke patients during rehabilitation are being tested by University of Cagliari and University of Sassari with the aim of developing a rehabilitation...
Publication date 05/21/2018
Source UNICA
UNIFI residents win SIMCUP Italia 2018
Laura Giordano, Rita Audisio, Monica Nesa and Federico Meo, residents at the University of Florence (Specialization School in Emergency Medicine, directed by Riccardo Pini) won SIMCUP 2018, the national...
Publication date 05/21/2018
Source UNIFI
Clean energy, a new initiative to promote women’s leadership
Strengthening the role of women in the clean energy sector to accelerate the energy transition process is the objective of the collaboration agreement on Clean Energy, Education and Emporwement-C3E, signed...
Publication date 05/18/2018
Source ENEA
Saqqara, where 3D techniques come to the aid of archaeology
The 3D Survey Group, a research team of the Polytechnic University of Milan involved in investigations on cultural heritage by means of 3D modelling applications and techniques, is currently carrying out...
Publication date 05/17/2018
Health, new studies on acute renal damage
Kidney regeneration capability is limited and stem cell therapy is important. This was shown in a study carried out by Paola Romagnani and her team including researchers from the University of Florence...
Publication date 05/16/2018
Source UNIFI