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Agri-food: ENEA scientific advisor to Seeds&Chips 2018
ENEA will be the scientific advisor at Seeds&Chips, the Food Innovation Summit that will take place from 7 to 10 May 2018 in Milan and that will bring together representatives from companies, the academic...
Publication date 03/23/2018
Source ENEA
A new tomato to alleviate stomachache
A new line of tomatoes, called 'bronze', which contains a unique combination of polyphenols that improves the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases.  This result was obtained by ISPA-CNR in a study...
Publication date 03/22/2018
Source CNR
Also the Mediterranean diet lowers cardiovascular risk
The Mediterranean diet and the vegetarian diet, integrated by eggs and dairy products, both reduce the cardiovascular risk: these are the conclusions of a study carried out by the University of Florence...
Publication date 03/21/2018
Source UNIFI
From ENEA and Granarolo the milk for everybody
Here comes G+, a new milk for large distribution, without lactose, more digestible and with 30% less sugar as compared to whole milk, developed by a collaboration of ENEA and Granarolo.
Publication date 03/19/2018
Source ENEA
A digital highway for data from the Sardinia Radio Telescope
Data from the Sardinia Radio Telescope – the most modern and technological parabolic antenna in Europe, developed by the National Institute for Astrophysics in collaboration with the Italian Space...
Publication date 03/16/2018
Here come the boards of future cruise ships
Highly-innovative and lighter fire-resistant boards for naval use that will replace the internal partitions of cruise ships are an Italian success resulting from the research project PANTAF, conducted...
Publication date 03/16/2018
Source Friuli Innovazione
The Sahara was green and populated
The Sapienza University of Rome has coordinated an international research team that, using an innovative DNA sequencing technique, has reconstructed the evolutionary path of the human species on the African...
Publication date 03/15/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
UNICAM researchers study how to reduce cocaine use
The activation of MOP and NOP opioid receptors seems to help reduce cocaine craving and use. This is what emerges from the studies of Dr Nazzareno Cannella and Prof. Roberto Ciccocioppo, researchers at...
Publication date 03/13/2018