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Industrial technology and research for marine mobility

The maritime and shipbuilding sectors play an important role in the Italian economy.
The TRIM project aims to strengthen this role by directing public and private research towards issues related to sustainable transport, energy efficiency, reduction of emissions into air and water, maritime transport safety, comfort on board. Addressing these important technology challenges means improving the quality and competitiveness of the Made in Italy in the production of large ships, cruise ships and yachts.

The project is part of a recent and massive national effort to strengthen cooperation between research and industry in the maritime transport sector to increase the competitiveness of the production system, being the natural complement to the RITMARE Flagship Project recently launched.

Linee di ricerca

The TRIM project will develop, and subsequently evaluate experimentally, ideas, models and advanced design tools in the following sectors:

  • Innovative techniques and materials for the reduction of the weight and the running resistance of ships;
  • control and reduction of emissions into air and water;
  • innovative engines;
  • decision support for the design and operational management of vessels.