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Techniques and tools for enhancing environmental sustainability of rail transport systems

The project focuses on sustainable mobility, with special attention to issues related to the railway infrastructure, production and management technologies for low environmental impact and energy efficient rolling stock.
TESYS Rail aims to develop innovative methods for line monitoring and diagnostics, both aerial and rail, and of the means of transport, as well as event-driven maintenance strategies enabling the optimal use of diagnostic information.

Ultimately, the aim is to achieve an eco-sustainable system that, as well as reducing the environmental impact of the railway system, contributes to shifting a part of the passenger and freight traffic from road to rail, thus leading to environmental benefits, increased transport safety and lower overall costs.

Lines of research

  • Research and development of innovative methods for the monitoring and diagnostics of the line, as well as event driven maintenance strategies that enable optimal use of diagnostic information for sustainable maintenance.
  • Development of ecodesign procedures in the design of rolling stock and of onboard subsystems, characterized by lower environmental impact, both when in use and in view of the necessary recovery or disposal activities of end-of-life materials.
  • Development of integrated techniques of energy system management able to minimize energy consumption, providing for the development of consumption monitoring devices and systems.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of railway vehicles, both in the production phases and in the disposal phases of the materials used at the end of their life cycle.