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ITALY 2020


The project aims to validate models suitable to describe all aspects (physical, technological, economic, market and territory related) of the different possible approaches considered relevant to the progressive decarbonization of the transport sector (EU 2050).
ITALY 2020 focuses on the aspects that will most affect the development of commercial, public and private vehicles in the near future in order to offer users technical solutions that are Smart, Green and Interconnected and, above all, environmentally friendly.

Lines of research

  • Lightweighting: innovative architectures, composite materials and competitive manufacturing processes aimed at the development of lightweight vehicles, with special attention to the body, which require less energy.
  • Vehicle electrification: design of electric vehicles that are as energy efficient as possible, in order to increase the range of vehicles and improve user acceptance.
  • Biofuels & PowerTrain: use of non-fossil liquid fuels for long distance travel and improved efficiency of internal combustion engines.
  • Data & Communication: study of the impact of intelligent traffic management systems, in particular in urban areas, suitable for the management of different types of vehicles, including electric vehicles and motorcycles, with the aim to identify the most effective traffic management model to enable the eco drive and safe drive features.