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Sustainable Manufacturing

The Sustainable Manufacturing project aims to develop enabling methodologies and technologies for the design and implementation of products, processes and production systems in the related factories, sustainable along their entire life cycle.

By relying on the peculiarities of the Italian manufacturing system (Italy is Europe’s second-largest producer of machine tools, paints and varnishes) and the capability of implementing products that match eco-design, technology, customization and valorization of the Made in Italy, the project aims to create products and identify production processes and systems able to minimize negative environmental impacts, save and, where possible, regenerate natural energy and resources, which are also safe for workers, communities of citizens and consumers as well as economically effective.

Lines of research

  • Development of sustainable products and production technologies for the industry of polymer formulations.
  • Eco factories: development of efficient production processes and machines with a high level of economic and environmental sustainability.
  • Demanufacturing: product design techniques, recovery technologies, both chemical and mechanical, for all metallic and non-metallic materials, and design techniques applied to these processes.
  • Human Centred Manufacturing: innovative solutions for the creation of worker-centred products in terms of safety, satisfaction and work efficiency.