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Smart Manufacturing

Factories of the future will be designed and managed as an integrated and holistic information system in which each element is seen in relation to the whole, so as to enable global optimization taking into account multiple dimensions: costs, time, quality, flexibility, resource efficiency.
The Intelligent Manufacturing project aims at developing advanced information systems for the design and management of the factory of the future, by taking advantage of the most innovative ICT technologies to allow Italian manufacturing companies to be more competitive, productive and reactive to the market requirements.

Lines of research

  • Smart Monitoring and Planning: development of new planning, monitoring and control methods of next generation smart factories for a conscious use of resources and energy.
  • Smart Maintenance: development of an integrated, modular and scalable platform to support the rapid, cost-effective and reliable implementation of manufacturing solutions for preventive maintenance.
  • Smart Products/Services: development of smart and always connected devices and creation of targeted digital ICT services, aimed at increasing user satisfaction and wellbeing in the short and long term.
  • Virtual Product and Production System: development of new and advanced methods for virtual prototyping along with innovative optimization tools, applied to products and the related production processes in the field of packaging machines and moulds for ceramic sanitary ware.