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A modular and adaptive approach to digital factory

The manufacturing sector, with special regard to machines, automation and production facilities, is the focus of the ADAPTIVE project.
Mechanical parts, control software and mechatronic devices used in modern industries and factories are usually developed in a monolithic way to satisfy the specifications of the machine, with very little space for any modification or re-use of the parts and components in other applications.

ADAPTIVE aims to develop innovative devices and machines to support the reconfiguration, adaptation and personalization of machinery and robots, in order to respond adequately to the changes required by the increasingly fast dynamics of the market.

Lines of research

  • Development of intelligent robot cells with a high level of automation able to process different products in shape, size and material.
  • Development of next generation production machinery with improved automation to manage product variations and/or working conditions.
  • Development of innovative methodologies and technologies to improve human-robot cooperation.