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ALISEI – Advanced Life SciEnces in Italy
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Life Sciences
ALISEI – Advanced Life SciEnces in Italy


ALISEI acts as the driver of innovation and the guiding tool for the national industrial policy aimed at promoting research in the field of Life Sciences applied to human healthcare.
The Cluster aims to introduce and launch across the Country an innovative approach to the strategic processes leading to the development of new products, technologies and services, as well as new business opportunities in the field, in order to raise the technological and quality levels and increase the size and competitiveness of the Italian economic and production system.



The ALISEI Cluster aims to promote, at the national level, the development of an innovative and competitive biomedical-pharmaceutical industry in both the domestic and the global market, which is able to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Lines of development

  • E-Health: a wide range of applications for the governance of the health system, the provision of the health service and the management of the resources designed to simplify and improve the delivery of health and patient care services and to promote the efficient and effective transfer from research to clinical practice.
  • New systems for risk diagnosis, early diagnosis, decentralized diagnostics.
  • Innovative, more efficient and effective drugs and therapeutic approaches, which integrate prevention, diagnostics and enabling technologies, such as ICTs, nanotechnologies, materials technologies and cognitive science technology.
  • Prevention: identification of the risk factors related to the onset and development of certain diseases; monitoring and alarm systems and systems for chemical biological, radioactive and nuclear decontamination; prevention of chronic degenerative diseases; food safety; personalized nutrition.

Coordination and management body

  • Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research (Coordinator)
  • Assobiomedica
  • Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology (ASSOBIOTEC)
  • ASTER S.Cons.p.A.
  • Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero S.p.A.
  • National Research Council (CNR)
  • Consortium for the Centre of Molecular Biomedicine s.c.a r.l.
  • Technology District for Human Health and Biotechnologies of Apulia (H-BIO Puglia) Scrl
  • Farmindustria
  • Italian Institute of Technology Foundation (IIT)
  • Toscana Life Sciences Foundation
  • ICE – Agency for the Promotion Abroad and the Internationalization of Italian firms
  • Sicily’s SCPA Science and Technology Park
  • Sardegna Ricerche
  • SI4Life
  • Veneto Nanotech

Organizational model: ATS

Regions involved institutionally

  • Emilia Romagna
  • Lazio
  • Liguria
  • Lombardy
  • Piedmont
  • Apulia
  • Tuscany
  • Veneto


Registered office Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1 - 20124 Milano
Headquarters Via Tamelli, 12 - 20124 Milano