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Greening the Propulsion

The project aims to identify innovative technologies for aerospace propulsion and the development of hybrid space propulsion with a focus on the environmental eco-compatibility aspects.

Lines of research

  • Low Pressure Turbine Platform: research activities in aerodynamics, aero-elasticity and acoustics aimed at increasing performance (efficiency, weight, noise abatement) of turbines for aeronautical engines.
  • Transmission Platform: identification of design technologies and advanced materials to be used in designing accessories for the aircraft engine oil system in order to develop ultra-compact and lightweight components. The final stage involves the realization of prototypes and simulators.
  • Enabling materials and technologies for efficiency and long endurance: identification of new temperature resistant materials for use in aeronautical turbines and, in parallel, of processes (e-Manufacturing) that reduce the time and costs and the environmental impact of the production of aeronautical and industrial components in general.
  • Hybrid propulsion for space applications: acquisition of specific know-how in the field of hybrid space propulsion, which is quite limited in Europe at the moment, design of devices for specific applications and testing activities for the characterization of innovative hybrid propellants on a global scale.
  • Hybrid propulsion for aeronautical applications: development of a simulation and technology assessment tool for a hybrid aircraft propulsion system.